Disadvantages of renting flats in London

Some of you have probably dreamt about moving to London, the biggest European city. People, who are heading to London, expect that living there is like the bed of roses, but unfortunately for most is not. Moreover, not only foreigners from other countries may struggle with a lot of problems in London, but also other British people do, or often sometimes residents of this city. One of the most problematic issues in all new cities is finding a flat, but it so happens that renting a flat in London is especially difficult task. In this article there are a few useful tips that you should know BEFORE you decide on moving to the capital of England.

First of all, on the housing market, there a large number of Victorian, old houses which are known to be really cold to live in. Additionally, if you are a student, or in general, a young person who rents such house, landlord does not really care about standards and renovation of heating. Because of the low temperature, these buildings might be also really dank and thereby there may dump appear on walls and floors. It is really hard to live in such place, especially, during a winter time as heating is really expensive in London. Probably, you would opt for cold than spending all your money on heating bills.

There should be also mentioned that renting apartment in London is really expensive, so if you even have some high expectations about the standard of your flat, after you see what you can afford to in London, they will be lower immediately. Furthermore, avoid the Internet offers, as they usually do not present a real condition of the flat, which means that if nice pictures of a flat drew your attention, you will go to see it in person, and of course, resign from this offer. Another trick of estate agents is that pictures of online offers present apartments which never existed. Why do they do this? They just want you to call them, they will tell you that this apartment is not available anymore, but they have still some special flats on offer. As a result of it, you agree on an appointment, and sometimes you are showed really nice apartments, but at high prices. You should also remember that even if a state agent is trying to negotiate the price you can pay i.e., encourage you to spend more than your financial capabilities are. Remember, you should better not give anyone any money unless it is a “real” estate agent. Sometimes, they may ask you for paying a deposit in cash outright, if you are decided on renting a particular flat. Because of this reason, always to be sure that the man offering you an apartment is not a fraudster, as in London there are a lot of unfair people who want to rip the others off, especially, foreigners. Keep also in mind that if estate agency finds you a flat, then you will be charged for this service about £100 – 200 per each person, who is going to live in it. It is quite a lot. When it comes to deposit, looking for a flat you should be financially prepared that most landlords demand a deposit in amount of 2 or 3 month rent.

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