Renting out your home

Tips in renting out your home.

This article is designated for those who are going to prepare their houses for renting. In case you are going to turn your own property into a rental property and be a landlord, you need to know a list of some tips which will be very useful for you. At the very beginning all landlords asked themselves: what to do to make that things happen? Because of this, we would like to support you at this primary stage. The first and really important step is to update your flat or house. Keep in mind that nicely renovated house or flat will attract tenants – the cleaner house is, the faster you will find your tenants. Refresh all walls and get rid of any damaged textures. However, if you are aware of any drawbacks and weaknesses of your house be honest with your tenants. The rental price should be determined based on prices of flats in the same neighborhood.

Compare some advertisements of other houses, but also feel free to increase your rental price if you performed any renovations before. Very crucial point is to rent safe and healthy house. As soon as you are a landlord, you are responsible for that aspect and under no circumstances, can you jeopardize your tenants’ lives and health. Make sure your house is fireproof. Before you start renting the property, the visit of home inspector is required part of the whole process. When it comes to hydraulics, fix any leaks, or running toilet. If you are keeping the water in your drain, install low-flow shower heads to cut down on water use. Be sure that all electrical wires, socks work properly. You can install smoke detectors and buy fire extinguisher for the kitchen. You should also install carbon dioxide detector as well. If your house has a chimney, you might prove that it was cleaned at least last year.

The next stage is to change your house status. You need to inform your mortgage company that you are no longer residing your home. They will have to grant permission, and there could be a small fee involved as well. Your home status must also be changed in your local municipality. Another important tip is to change your homeowners insurance. Before your new tenants move in, you will need to have landlord property insurance specifically for a rental property. It can be not only different policy from your current homeowners insurance but also more expensive. The next step is to consider who is going to manage your property.

You have two options: you can manage the property on your own or hire Property Management Agency which will complete all work for you. If you decide on managing on your own, you will save some money, but you will spend a lot of money on performing all formalities connected with renting property like finding tenants, collecting your rent, or managing any repair. Many landlords claim that the cost of hiring the agency is well worth the cost than dealing with all these responsibilities.

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